The fat skinny

Our History

Here’s the skinny on Fat Daddy’s Auto Spa. The founder started in his single car garage in 1995 detailing the neighborhood vehicles and vehicles of family and friends, mostly for fun and the love of making something look new again. This is something he loved doing since he was a little boy. His Father worked six days a week, so on Sunday’s the routine was mowing the grass and washing the cars. He knew if he slept in and didn’t get outside to help it would be another week before he could spend time with his Dad. He became a good landscaper but enjoyed washing the cars much more. Cleaning the whitewalls and polishing the chrome was his favorite job. But nothing was as good as taking a ride after all of the hard work they did together.

Our Story

As he grew to the old age of ten he asked his Mom and Dad for a new bike. He was told “there’s nothing wrong with the one you have.” That didn’t sit well with him. His Mom said, “if you want a new bike go get a job.” In her mind the conversation was over, a ten year old can’t get a job. In reality that just pissed him off. So with a bucket, some dish soap and some bath towels he stole from his parents he hit the streets. Up and down the blocks he went. For five bucks he would wash your vehicle .The funny part was when it was time to get paid it wasn’t the money that got him excited, it was the smile on the faces of his neighbors. That’s when he knew he had a gift.

By the way, he paid for that new bike in cash in only two months. As time moved on he grew up and got a real job, got married and had kids. In 1995 he wasn’t satisfied with life and started detailing vehicles on the side to help satisfy his love of cars and named his single car garage at the family home Victory Lane Auto Detail. More of a hobby at the time he continued to go to work for companies that he hated so the wife and kids could eat. In 2006 he was fired, mostly because he’s not a very good ass kisser. Well he said I’ll open a detail shop, it failed in less than eight months. Well time for a job again. After working at two companies he was downsized in 2008. Of course much older, depressed and much fatter he told his little girl “your Daddy is getting fat!” She responded “that’s ok you’re my fat daddy!” That was the break though he needed to push though his depression and gave him the strength to start a detailing company that would capture the feeling he had as a kid; making people happy through his talent and support his loving family all at the same time and it be called Fat Daddy’s. From day one with no bank loans this company has been supported by his family and old fashion hard work. His boys started working with him at age eight and age thirteen and still work for the company today.

We have always been a low volume, high quality shop. Your experience with us is very important, we hope you give us the opportunity to earn your trust and friendship. Give us a try we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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